How to Check Jio Number in 4 Processes

jio number check code: One of the fastest telecom service provider networks in India named Jio. So if you are a Jio user then check Jio number is too important for you. Are you know how to check Jio number? If you don’t know to check Jio SIM number, don’t worry about it. In this article, we write to you who doesn’t know how to check Jio mobile number. Here we write all the methods about it.

jio number check code

Jio is now one of the most popular telecom company in India. For all telecom companies after you insert your SIM card on your phone everyone has to know their own mobile number. It means after you insert your Jio SIM on your phone the first thing is knowing your own phone number. If you don’t know in this tutorial we write about all your confusion with check Jio number.

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Check Jio Number

All Jio users have to know their own mobile number. It is very important for the jio users. If you forgot your Jio mobile number and you don’t know about how to check Jio number then don’t worry about it. Now check Jio mobile number is too easy to check. Here we write some methods to know it. Let’s take a look at the following methods.

  • Using USSD codes
  • Using My Jio App
  • By sending SMS
  • By calling

Check Jio Number using USSD codes

As we know all the telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl, etc have their own and unique USSD codes to check all the things about their SIM. So Jio also has USSD codes to check about it. This is the easiest method to check Jio mobile number. Let’s see the following USSD codes we write here below.

This way you can know your jio mobile number without using My jio app. I recommend it to everyone know your jio sim card number using used code without using jio app.

Dail *1# or *333#

These codes can find your Jio mobile number easily. At first, be sure you have to activate Jio SIM number then go to your dial pad and dial this USSD code then you will get your mobile number without any balance or Internet.

There is another process to check Jio SIM number, call on 1299 and know your jio mobile number.

Check Jio Number using My Jio App

Here is another easy method for you. If you are using any smartphone then go to your application store and install My Jio App on your phone. From here you can get all information about your jio number. You can get many more benefits like recharge, pay bills, jio tv, and many more.

Check Jio Number using My Jio App

So download and install my Jio app. Then open it and register with your Jio mobile number and OTP. You can see your mobile number at the top of the home page. So if you have a smartphone then install it as soon as possible.

Check Jio Number using My Jio App

Check Jio Number by Sending SMS

If you apply all methods and you already get your Jio mobile number but you want to see this process for your knowledge only then it’s alright. Because this method is a little bit more complex than the other methods we show above.

if you want to know your jio sim number without using my jio app then this process also helps you your jio sim card number. follow the given below process.t

In this process, you have to send SMS to Jio to check Jio number.but this is the little bit complex process.

  • At first, check your Jio SIM slot.
  • Now check your mobile IMEI number by dialling *#06#.
Check Jio Number by Sending SMS
  • Then if your jio sim inserted in Sim slot 1 then note the first line IMEI number.
  • Or if your sim card inserted in sim slot 2 then note the second line IMEI number.
  • Now open Messenger app and send SMS Jio<IMEI> to 199.
  • If you want to send SMS from any other SIM then send SMS Jio<IMEI> to 7021799999.

Check my Jio number without the MyJio app

above two methods will help you to know your jio sim card number without using jio app. this method also helps you to know your jio number and your actives plan without jio app.

  • Simply open your mobile Dialer.
  • Now Dial 1299 From your jio number. then instantly phone will cut.
  • You, Will, Get The Message Including your active plans & your jio number.
  • That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How I check my Jio Number?

You can check your Jio mobile number by using USSD code *1#. There are many other processes to check jio SIM no like my Jio app, Dialling code, SMS, etc.

2. What is the code to check Jio number?

You can see too many codes to check your Jio mobile number but here we show you the actual code *1#.

3. How do I know my Jio number 2019?

You can know your Jio mobile number by downloading My Jio App ,Dialing USSD codes and by sending SMS.

Final Word

Hi, Jio users we wish you all love this article. Here in this article, we tried so much to give you the best pieces of information about check Jio number. We solve your problem, check Jio mobile number is so easy now. If you like this Article send us your feedback about it and share it with your friends. Thank You!!

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