5 Best Android OS for PC Windows 7/8/10

Android is one of the best operating systems of mobile devices. Nowadays it available on some other electronic gadgets like smartwatches, smart TV, etc. You can also install it on your PC. So in this article, we discuss 5 best Android OS for PC. It is going to be very interesting for you. So keep with us to the end and know the best Android OS for PC.

5 best android os for pc

Android is one of the best platforms which is independent and open source. There are billions of people in the world who love Android most like you. Most of them don’t know that Android can be installed on the PC also. There are too many Android OS on the Internet today but we pick 5 best Android OS for PC. If you want to operate your PC with Android culture take anyone from the list and install it on your PC.

Are you want to run Android OS for PC? If you want to get an Android OS on PC then don’t waste too much time, see the list given below. Now Android can operate your PC also. So download Android OS for your PC and get the Android experience on your PC too.

Reason for using Android OS on PC:
There are too many reasons for using Android on PC. Let’s see the reasons here we have given below.

  • We all love to play Android games. So test Android apps and games on PC.
  • Using Android on an old machine better than Windows.
  • Setting VPN is easier than Windows. And many more.

What Happens If You Install Android OS for PC?

There are no problems on your PC, by installing Android OS. But there are many thing that you should know. We share some here. So follow it we have given below.

You can’t access some desktop oriented technologies after installing Android OS on your PC. But some of them you can be use, you can’t get the full-fledged desktop technology.

If you install Android OS on your PC then it should be different than Windows. It is completely different to the Windows experience. So we mostly recommend you to install Android OS into your old PC.

5 Best Android OS for PC

1. Bliss OS

install bliss android os

Bliss OS is one of the best and popular Android OS for PC. It is the best known Android OS in recent times. It uses Android 9.0 Pie and works most efficiently on mobile and PC both. This OS can give you the best experience to get an Android culture on your PC.

Bliss Android OS is a little bit different from others. It worked as an emulator OS for PC. And it also shares ROM with PC. This OS is known as an open-source Android OS for PC. It can run on any Windows/Linux PC. As we say before it provides ROMs, so you can install much hardware as you can. Let’s see some features of Bliss OS.

Best Features:

  • It is an open-source Android OS.
  • This Android OS can run on any Windows/Linux PC.
  • It uses Android 9.0 Pie codebase.
  • Bliss provides ROMs to install hardware on your PC.
  • The user interface is so good.
  • It can run both on PC and Mobile.
1. It is a quality Android OS in the open-source arena.1. If you want to take a screenshot then you cannot take it.
2. Bliss OS provides out of the box theme support without rooting systems.2. The most important thing is you can’t find any video playing option.
3. It works decently on both new and old systems.
4. It can run on the tablet also.

2. Prime OS

Install prime os for pc

If you are searching for a desktop optimized Android OS then you should go on Prime OS. This OS uses Android x86 for PC. If you installed it on your PC then you will get a complete desktop experience as Windows or Mac OS. You can access too many Android Applications.

Prime OS gives you almost similar interface like Windows or Mac. It also provides so many essential features that you get on an Android smartphones. If you want to get best playing experience then you should install Prime OS on PC. It has too many interesting features but we show you the best here. So take a look at the features of Prime OS.

Best Features:

  • Prime OS is a desktop optimizes Android OS.
  • This OS uses Android x86 codebase.
  • Access so many Android applications.
  • Get a similar interface as Windows and Mac.
  • You can get the best Android games playing experience.
1. You can include options like the bar and menu.1. Bluetooth causes some issues while connecting on a few devices.
2. It supports multiple windows.2. Sometimes it seems a problem with WiFi, sound, and trackpad.
3. You can get the keyboard shortcuts.
4. Play Android games more efficiently on the PC.

3. Remix OS

Install remix os for pc

Remix OS is one of the best Android OS in recent times and the best Android Operating System for starters. It is a very promising OS for computers. But there is a problem with the upgrading system. The developers stop maintaining it.

Remix OS has an easy and simple installation process. It is the best for an old PC. So you can utilize your old PC by installing it. The requirements are pretty low to install this Android OS on your PC. It requires 2 GHz dual-core processor, 8 GB hard disk and 2 GB RAM. It can work on both system 32 bit and 64 bit. Here we show some interesting features. So follow the features we have given below.

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Best Features:

  • Remix OS is totally free to download and also access.
  • Get the best Android experience with it.
  • It provides multiple windows.
  • It based on Android-x86.
  • This OS requires pretty low hardware.
1. You can see traditional arrow pointer as Windows PC1. The main issue with upgrade. The developers stopped to update.
2. Get the best experience of Android
3. You can get a taskbar by right-clicking.
4. Easy installation process.

4. Phoenix OS

install phoenix android os for pc

Phoenix OS is also one of the best Android OS of all time. The most interesting thing is it released after Remix OS. The interface, system and features are almost similar to Remix OS. It upgraded regularly by developers. So you can update it regularly to get more features.

Phoenix OS supports both 32 and 64-bit computers. It is based on Android 7.1 that is a stable version. So you can use it on your PC easily. You also get an experience of browsing as Windows 10 which is so amazing. You just need 2GB of hard disk space to install this OS on your PC. It does not affect your original documents after installed. It also has some interesting features that you should know about.

Best Features:

  • Regularly upgrade by the developers.
  • You can get a 60FPS of frame rate that is so awesome.
  • It based on Android 7.1.
  • One of the most stable Android OS.
  • It supports both 32 bit and 64-bit computers.
1. Regularly maintained by the developers.1. Sometimes the icon of running apps is not visible in the taskbar.
2. 60 FPS of frame rate gives the best gaming experience2. The security system is not so strong as others.
3. It requires a pretty low hardware system.
4. The interface is so good.

5. OpenThos OS

install openthos android os for pc

OpenThos is an Android-based open-source OS for PC. It is a new Android OS for PC so access both Android and Linux apps here. It makes the last position of the list of 5 best Android OS for PC. So install this Android OS on your PC and get Android experience on your PC.

OpenThos uses the Android Lollipop Kernel and it supports only 64-bit technology on computers. No drivers need to install this Android OS. It can automatically detect your PC. But it not provides Google Play Store. If you want to get Play store then you should go to any third party site. Let’s take a look at the features we have given below.

Best Features:

  • New Operating system so you can trust it.
  • No drivers need to install it.
  • Detect your PC automatically.
  • Multiple windows make it more efficient.
  • The interface is so dashing.
1. Most stable OS in recent times.1. It can’t provides Google Play Store.
2. Secure and easy to use.2. Image format is not a usual format.
3. Customize the look as Windows and Linux.

Which is the best Android OS for PC?

Here we show the list of top 5 best Android OS for PC. All of them are one of the best Android OS in many directions. If you pick Bliss OS, it is an allrounder and most effective Android OS. If you pick Remix OS then it is the best OS for beginners. So you can pick anyone from here. We create the best list here.

Final Word

We hope you read the article to the end and follow the Android OS continuously. So meet the 5 best Android OS for PC here. Pick anyone for your PC to get Android experience on PC. We hope you like this post. If you have any problem with it then you can comment on us. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank You!!

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