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Give a desktop look to your android smartphone. Hey guys, In this article, we gonna share an interesting thing that how to launch Windows 7 for android devices. If you are searching for Windows 7 launcher on android to get Windows 7 on android devices and to get the extreme style interface of windows 7 in android smartphones then you come up at the right place. To compare with all operating systems Android system is very much better to customize. There are too many launchers on the Internet today in different styles but among those launchers, Windows Launchers are so popular.

There are too many windows launchers for Android that are available on the Internet today but Windows 7 for Android is the best launcher of all time. Because Windows 7 is the most popular Windows operating system after XP. This launcher is not available in the Google play store. So you have to download and install this Windows 7 on Android launcher app on android. So follow this article carefully.

What is Android launcher?

Android launcher is an application that makes spice up your smartphone’s home screen and acts as a personal assistant. If you want to design your phone’s interface it is a vital thing for your android device. It is also called as a home screen designer. So here we write in this article about a launcher named Windows 7 for Android. For this, you don’t have to root and installing any custom ROMs on your android devices. Mainly android launcher is a feature that customizes your android devices in a better position.

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Why Windows 7 Launcher for Android:

The answer is so easy to say that Windows 7 is quite the most famous and revolutionizing OS of the entire Windows series. It is a perfect combination of performances and styles. Its graphical interface is so famous that it never got you tired. And at the same place, Windows 8/10 are well but not so famous. Mainly Windows 7 launcher will redefine the way you look about your phone forever.

Download Windows 7 for Android

This Windows 7 for android launcher is working well on all Android devices. We also apply it on our devices and It worked very well. It can give you a new UI feel and get a look and feel like windows 7 in your android device. Install it and try this best launcher on your phone. Here we share all the way to download this famous Windows 7 Android launcher with you.

Features of Windows 7 for Android

  • It has an awesome and beautiful user interface.
  • Real start menu as Windows 7.
  • Almost six different wallpapers for the home screen.
  • Control panel support is the best thing in this luncher.
  • Smooth and speedy run make you satisfy.
  • You get all features like cut, copy, and paste-like Windows 7.
  • You can get the same UI as Windows 7.
  • Inbuilt Clock Widget is awesome.
  • No technical skills are required to install it.
  • My Computer option is available on this awesome launcher.
  • C Drive and D Drive system available.

How to Download Windows 7 for Android

There are too many ways to download this launcher on the Internet today but we show here only two best ways to install Windows 7 on Android. And we sure these two are the easiest way for you. To download this launcher follow the way discussion carefully. Here these two ways are given below.

  • Using Windows 7 for Android apk
  • Using Limbo Emulator

Install Windows 7 for Android using Windows 7 Apk

This is the best and the easiest way to download Windows 7 on Android. In this way, you have to download it direct from the Apk link we given here. And then set up on your Android device. Let’s see the following steps we show here.

  • Step 1: At first, you have to download Windows 7 on your device from the given link here.
  • Step 2: Then install it in your android device.
  • Step 3: After that click on the Home button and to use windows 7 as default select Android Windows 7.
windows 7 for android
  • Step 4: If you have done all processes we show above then you are able to use the awesome launcher for Android.
windows 7 for android apk full version free download

Install Windows 7 for Android using Limbo Emulator

If you are dreaming to download Windows 7 on Android then it becomes real nowadays and you come upon the right place. We already show a downloading process above and download by Limbo Emulator is also a famous and best way to install Windows 7 of Android.

Limbo is the best emulator that allows us to run the Windows OS on android devices. With this emulator, you can install any Windows OS on your android devices. So let’s take a look at these steps and follow them carefully.

  • Step 1: At first, download the Windows 7 Edition and Limbo Emulator on your Android device.
  • Step 2: If you download both files then install Limbo Emulator.
  • Step 3: After complete the installation launch it on your device.
  • Step 4: Then you will see some option on the dashboard, all you have to do locate the Load Machine drop-down list and select new.
Install Windows 7 for Android using Limbo Emulator
  • Step 5: Name your new machine and click on the Create button. Then you have to set some settings.
  • Step 6: After setting up all the settings click on the play and wait. it will start the booting process.
  • Step 7: After finishing the booting process you can use Windows 7 on Android.

video guide for windows 7 on android

So now Installing Windows 7 on Android is too easy for everyone. Here we show the best two processes to download this Launcher easily. And make fun and take enjoyment with this awesome launcher on your android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install Windows 7 on my Android device?

You can install Windows 7 on Android device by using direct Windows 7 apk and the help of Limbo emulator.

Can I get Windows 7 Apk from Google Play store?

No, you can’t get it from Google Play store.

Why I install Windows 7 for Android?

Because get a extreme style of user interface and windows 7 like features.

Is Limbo emulator is safe to install Windows 7 for Android?

Yes, Limbo Emulator is the most safe emulator for install any Windows OS.

Final Word

We tried our best to give the pieces of information about downloading Windows 7 for Android. Now install it on your Android Device and enjoy with this amazing launcher. We hope you like this article and useful to you. If this article helps you then drop a comment and give us the strength of writing the best article for you. Thank You!!

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