Top 10 Best Photo Editing app for android 2021

only mobile’s photo can not satisfied people, they want more with it, which only get in a photo editing app. Only the best photo editing apps can increase the image quality and find out the creativity of users. Smartphone cameras have not too many features than a photo editing app. If you want to give your photo a magical look then you should must use the photo editing apps. we So photo editing app is too essential to a smartphone.

In recent times we see the interest of people to capture a photo in the way of increasing but they have not the specific photo editing app to edit those photos. They capture a photo with their smartphones and DSLRs but failed to highlight it. When all people are busy to searching for the best photo editing apps for androids then I solve the problem the people are facing.

So I write this article to those interesting people who do not know about those photo editing apps which can satisfy you to edit your photo to the next level. I research for about two months and try up to 40 photo editing apps. Today I choose the top 10 best photo editing apps from those 40 photo editing apps and decide to show you the best photo editing apps to edit your special photo to more special for you.

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Let’s take a look at the BEST PHOTO EDITING APPS for android. Here the complete list of the best photo editing apps for android.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing app for android

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express
  2. Google Photos
  3. Enlight Pixaloop
  4. Adobe Lightroom
  5. PicsArt
  6. Hypocam
  7. Prisma
  8. Pixlr
  9. Toolwiz Photos
  10. Fotor


1.Adobe Photoshop Express

Best Photo Editing app

Adobe photoshop express is one of the best photo editing apps for android. It is a powerful, quick, and easy editor for people. This editing app is packed with the insane features which make it the best photo editing app for android.

Adobe Photoshop has all the editing features and tools you need and more. People can find basic tools like rotations, crop, frames, auto-fix, etc. and also can find the popular tools like noise reduction, one-touch filters, color varieties, etc.

This photo editing app is free to download and you can also share all social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


(i) 3D tools are the most insane feature.

(ii) More than 60 filters for editing photos.

(iii) One-touch adjustment for exposure, contrast, and white balance.

(iv) The creat photo collage in a few taps.

(v) Correct distorted camera angles easily.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express

2.Google Photos :

Best Photo Editing app

Google photos are one of the most likely photos editing app for android. This editing app is liked by most of the people because of it is google’s own creation. It is a small but powerful editing app for android. This editing app has too many filters and tools. If you have some knowledge of editing then you can do a lot with this insane photo editing app.

This photo editing app in android is too easy to edit, now you can edit photos on your mobile phones just like you would on a PC. this application mostly use to store photos in google photo stores. some time use as a gallery application. this is one of the Best Photo Editing app.


(i) Adding texts, images or shapes is too easy.

(ii) Auto contrast, vibrance, blur, oil paint and more features can improve your photo quality impressively.

(iii) GIF is available in this editing app.

(iv) Red eye , white balance, and blacklight are for correction.

(v) Webpage capture, Video capture, PDF capture are also available in this editing app.

Download Google Photos

3.Enlight Pixaloop

best photo editing app

Enlight is a high quality photo editing app for people. This photo editing app works as a unique quality of camera and editor also. You have a problem to blend images, add texts, creates collages don’t worry download this editing app in android and leave these types of problems back.

This editing app is offering you to get a chance to take double exposures. It has a huge range of editing tools and very easy to use.


(i) Portrait enhancement is an attractive effect for people.

(ii) Brushes and healing tools are insane.

(iii) Easy to add images and texts.

(iv) About 50 more filters are available in this editing app.

Enlight Pixaloop

4. Adobe Lightroom:

best photo editing app

Lightroom is the easiest photo editing app for android. It is a simple solution for editing and sharing your photos. This editing photo editing app gives you to play with colors and effects to turn your photos into some extraordinary. This photo editing app is one of the best photo editing apps because of its simplicity and easier than other photo editing apps.

So keep your photographs decent and sort out you should download this interesting photo editing app as soon as possible.

FEATURES OF Adobe Lightroom:

(i) Adjustment instruments are so insane.

(ii) HDR mode for your ordinary photo to make an extraordinary.

(iii) The editorial manager for RAW is most amazing.

(iv) Watermarking is the most interesting effects for people.

Download Adobe Lightroom

5.PicsArt :

Picsart is one of the favorite best photo editing apps for android. About 100 million downloads prove that it is one of the best photo editing apps also for people. Its effects are too impressive for people even who never edit any photo with any editing app they also can edit with this amazing photo editing app. You can edit with this photo editing app for android with more interesting stickers and also buy many additional stickers for your photos.

This photo editing app has too many interesting features and effects which attract people so much and that’s why people are loving it.


(i) About 80 effects to make your photo insane.

(ii) Flexible focal points flares.

(iii) GIFs are making so easy for users.

(iv) Advantages of sharing.

Download PicsArt


Hypocam is the most creative photo editing app out of all the best photo editing apps. This photo editing app is especially for those people who love black and white most. It is the ultimate B&W tool for users.

This photo editing app for android is specially designed for black and white photo editing app including textures. This editing app has some interesting features.


(i) Making insane black and white photo with HDR mode.

(ii) Live view controls is make your photo more interesting.

(iii) Creative tools and effects attract people.

(iv) Share with any social media sites directly from this photo editing app.

Download Hypocam


Prisma is a simple and great all rounder photo editing app for android. This photo editing app has the most numbers of artistic style that affects all the photo editing apps. people can find almost 300 art style in this photo editing app. prisma is the only app that releases a new art filter every single day.

So make your photos to paintings you can download this popular editing app. Using this fillters you can paint your photo most insane.


(i) About 300 artistic styles can improve your photo editing skills.

(ii)  you can find other users editing to learn.

(iii) Daily new filter helps you to choose the best filter.

(iv) A wide range of photo tools helps you to edit most insane photos.

Download Prisma


best photo editing app

Pixlr is the most balanced photo editing app for android also people. This editing app has too many layouts and spacing options that people need much. It is a simple editing app for people to edit their beautiful photos.

This photo editing app has all the tools that people might need. It filters like a pencil drawing, sketches and doodle are so insane for people.


(i) Make collages with up to 25 photos.

(ii) Various layouts, spacing options, and backgrounds.

(iii) Sketches and pencil drawings are most insane for people.

(iv) Free downloads and easy to share.

Download Pixlr

9.Toolwiz Photos:

Toolwiz is a great all rounder photo editing app for androids. Adjusting saturation and making awesome collages make this photo editing app is more loveable. many different filters make this photo editing app is the best photo editing app. Over 100 effects and insane tools attract people to come to this insane photo editing app.

This photo editing app is comfortable for beginners and experts both. The portrait is perfect for those people who are interested to capture portrait photos.


(i) Advanced manual controls are so insane.

(ii) Over 100 tools are a massive field for edit.

(iii) The simple interface is beautiful and stylish.

(iv) Frames and collages are insane.

Download Toolwiz Photos


Fotor is the best knowing photo editing app for android. This photo editing app has awesome color splash which makes it more effective. It’s amazing effects and tools are divided it from other photo editing apps. This photo editing app is simple and so useful for users.

A massive collection of every season makes photos more awesome for the users. This photo editing app has too many features and filters.


(i) Double exposure makes your photos impressive.

(ii) simple tools make people happy.

(iii) Awesome color splash makes photos insane.

(iv) Seasons collections are so attractive for users.

Download Fotor


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